Photo 7 - Workday by sburn01
Photo 7 – Workday, a photo by sburn01 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The 6th of February; a Monday. A dismal workday, which means that it’s quite hard to take the SLR out and about. For a start, the office is a dreary, open-plan place like millions of others. I could take pictures on the train of commuters, there’s plenty of life there, plenty to see and document. However, most of my fellow commuters in the mornings are students on their way to a girl’s school. If I start getting a camera out, it would be beyond creepy. Taking pictures surreptitiously even more so.
Instead, I give you my laptop desktop on almost any given day. Photos, Twitter, Spotify, a web browser looking up something or another that has nothing to do with my dayjob and, a slight nod towards my actual employment, Outlook.

Photo 4 - Gargoyle by sburn01
Photo 4 – Gargoyle, a photo by sburn01 on Flickr.


Via Flickr:
3rd of February and the home broadband was out all day without notice. So, I had to trudge into town to migrate from coffee shop to coffee shop, seeking wifi and warmth. I t was so cold, I felt I was going to freeze in place, like this gargoyle.

Photo 3 - The Goddam Batman by sburn01
Photo 3 – The Goddam Batman, a photo by sburn01 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
It’s the 2nd of February and my days seem to be all about the Batman these days, especially as I received the game Arkham City for my birthday. Not just the game, but the collector’s edition which came with this rather fetching statuette of the Dark Knight himself.