A Million Nation States of One fears Google Balkanization | The Register: “There’s a case to be made for Weblogs as the most anti-social software yet devised. No wonder they’re so popular with egotists, as the right to speech without consequences reaches its apogee on the web soap box. Compared to bulletin boards, or group discussions, there’s no one to temper the conversation, or steer it to more useful outcomes. There is a lot of posturing, however, in this fragmented world of a Million Nation States of One. And as anyone who has tried to follow ‘the conversation’ across dozens of fragments can confirm, it’s the antithesis of coherent discussion. “

In a way that’s quite true. I’m not talking about my blog, which is a collection of links, news, photos and diary-like posts. Blogs tend to be only read by people who people who agree or are interested in the content. At least those people are more likely to come back more than once. The internet is too vast to spend time on a site that offends your point of view. So bloggers to tend to live in a vaccuum of reasoned criticism and discussion.

Even the discussion of blogging is going to be tainted. The only people who will read these words are people who are familiar with blogging, have blogs and post to them. And so we follow the trend of techno-utopianism (blergh!) where we all end up wanking over ourselves, cut off from the rest of reality.

So why do I blog? Why am I being such a hypocrite? Why do I post more now in a standalone blog than when I had one that was part of a larger community? I’m not really sure to be honest. I do enjoy putting my thoughts down and sending them off into the Worldwide InterWeb, where billions of net users won’t read it. Where my friends will read what I would tell them in person anyway.

Yes, it’s perverse, no it doesn’t make any sense, but as long as I remember that, I should be okay.

Not to mention the really stupid auto-signature. I know POP won’t work, but if this posts, SMTP works fine.

Edit: Yar! Thunderbird rocks! Still can’t read any non-work email, but at least it makes blogging easier. I also use Thunderbird for my RSS feeds, addressbook and calendar (via the mozilla calendar extension). Cooking on gas…

I’ve set up word verification for comments as I get inundated with comment spam. If it gets annoying, let me know and we’ll go back to needing a Blogger account to comment on this blog.

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Some changes to this blog. Firstly, for the benefit of random passers-by and friends from my LiveJournal days, I’ve allowed all viewers to comment blog posts, rather than just registered Blogger users.

Secondly, I found a new tool for updating the blog. It’s called Blogger for Word and it’s quite a useful tool. It adds a toolbar to MS Word, allowing you to post directly from it. This may well replace mail2blog for me as my main posting tool. It can be downloaded here.
Update: While I can make it work with Word 2000 and Word XP, I can’t seem to get it to work with Word 2003. How annoying.
Update 2: It seems this tool does work with Word 2003 after all, it just didn’t work for me on the first try. Oh well.

Finally, as you can probably tell from the tags I’ve added to old posts, I’ve joined Technorati. Technorati is an internet search engine/community of web logs and one of the tools they provide is the tagging of blog posts for easier searching. I’ll see how it goes, tagging is currently a manual process in Blogger, but it’s no great shakes.

Oh, and I now use Bloglines to aggregate my newsfeeds, so that I now when various blogs and news sites have updated without having to visit them all.

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Well, I’ve started in my new position! I’ve been inducted and trained where the fire exits are. But since all of my line managers are in meetings I’ve been left to my own devices with a new computer. (Not sure if it’s my new computer yet of course) And so I’ve been forced to discover that I have no webmail access at work! How anal! I shall have to see if there is a workaround before handing out my new work email though. Good thing I found out about Bloggers mail2blog facilities really!

Edit: Okay, due to the standard company disclaimer, the mail2blog thing will need some thought too. Dammit! Luckily it seems I can directly edit.

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So, as previously covered, Bryce has a new blog and is actually writing heavily on it; And in the same day this is announced, Andy updates his blog not once, but twice! And in one of them declares that he ate and somewhat enjoyed eating fish!

Now, I can’t account for why Andy’s much-prized hatred seems to be evaporating in the sun, but as for all the dedicated blogging going on, either I’m living in a twisted Bizarro world or it was all Andy’s doing. That’s right, Andy telling everyone that they hadn’t read his blog (that he had told few people about) has actually generated a flurry of activity that even he has been infected by. Andy, the trendsetter and muse? Maybe it is Bizarro world after all…

http://www.wkyc.com/news/news_fullstory.asp?id=37982 – This is the kind of story you tend to find on hoax sites

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/07/27/uw_dell_napster/ – Corporate whores!

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/07/27/otto_terror_blog/ – More tongue in cheek than a man with toothache

In other news, Bryce has a brand new and shiny blog! Check out the links on the sidebar. He’s already aiming for the prize of World’s Longest Blog Entries. But does he have the stamina to succeed? Will the Way of the Wreckferret give him suitable endurance? Will he figure out how to enable comments on his blog? Only time will tell.

I think I like Blogger. While I don’t have the much-missed Friends page of LJ, which aggregates the postings of your friends all onto one page, I reckon I’ll just use an RSS reader for that. The real selling point of Blogger to me is the email submission. I can just happily ramble along. And even if in future places of work I have to endure strict firewalls (or people looking over my shoulder) I can always post.

So what has been good today? Well, the boss isn’t in and my workload is light. So it means I’ve been able to put up some more content for Endless Games (before I lost connection probably due to the firewall of my current employer) and catch up with some people on Messenger that I haven’t spoken to in a while. And I heard from Monkey Mark today. Admittedly he sent it ages ago, but to a mostly defunct email address.

And the bad? Bloody interpersonal politics at work. Ava won’t come to the pub with Tricia, because Tricia has said unpleasant things about Reita. Tricia has been saying unpleasant things about Reita because Reita fluffed up some work and ended up blaming me for it. Tricia took my side, Ava took Reita’s side, but against Tricia, not against me. Colin won’t go out to the pub with Ava, because his wife gets jealous of Ava and Nick won’t come to the pub because his wife gets jealous about him going to the pub with a group of people after work. Some of them being female.
Good grief. You’d think people have more important things to worry about?

Oh well, nearly home time and some more prep for Saturday’s Vampire game…

If this works, it’ll help a lot. Not having to worry about actually getting to Blogger would be a huge advantage. I can just write long rambling emails to myself! Result!

Even if it works though, will it allow formatting?
And if so, what kind?

Okay, I don’t know why knowing two people on Blogger means that automatically need to join in the fun, it just does. I’m pretty much retiring the LJ as it has far too much baggage associated with it.

So here I am. Blogging. On Blogger.

So ner!