Well it’s been forever since the last blog post since it’s been so busy over the Christmas period. But also means there are plenty of things to blog about.

The first major event after the last blog post was the acquisition of our very first . We meant to start small, maybe a little three footer. Maybe four. Five maximum. But we weren’t too disappointed when we ended up with a beautiful seven foot beast. A beast that helped us decorate.

The Thursday before Christmas itself, our Christmas food arrived in the Tesco order. Sadly they had not been able to source, nor substitute, my Christmas venison. Needless to say I was terribly disappointed. However, when we went through the shopping bags we found… A three kilo free range organic turkey! It wasn’t a substitution and we weren’t charged for it, so free turkey for me!

Around about this time, we got an early Christmas present from our landlord who has extended our lease for another year at the same rent. We continue to have a home in Woking for the foreseeable future!

Next up was Penny’s departmental with the emphasis on mental. It was themed ‘Gangsters, Molls, Pimps and Hos’ and Penny and I both went as rather than the more popular gangstas or pimps. There were plenty of hos on display though. All credit to Pimp o’ Claus who managed to bring the sexy back (to paraphrase Justin Timberlake) and secure himself a pay rise by thrusting his groin at his seated manager during a singing competition.

Christmas Eve saw us firstly in Canary Wharf on the ice rink for Penny’s first go at . And she did very well considering it was her first time. After that we were off to ‘s for the Christmas Eve bash, which was fun.

Christmas Day at last! And there were ! I got a trip to go and do in Milton Keynes and an open activity voucher which I intend to use to go on a tall ships day out of Portsmouth. Also four ultimate DVD Sean Connery Bond movies and the Casino Royale book. Secret Santa sent me a pirates treasure chest of nostalgia sweets. But fear not, no gobstopper has been able to shut me up yet!

On the 27th we took the to go and see my parents. Unfortunately the weather was lousy, but we did manage to do some sightseeing in . We also managed to see the excellent Casino Royale while we were there and I was glad to have read the book on the way over first.

was spent at Kev & Lynsey’s and we were also joined by Tim and Karen. A pleasant evening and excellent food cooked by Lynsey as ever.

So there you have it. All the news that’s fit to blog. Now I’m back at work and my fitness regime begins tonight. No more pies for me…