Friday night, I met up with Kev & Lynsey at the, by now infamous, Tattershall Castle. The drinks are expensive, but the view is good. However it’s also very popular on warm sunny evenings like Friday, when it was rammed to the port holes. A good evening though, resulting in me feeling exceedingly fragile on Saturday. However I had a quiet day to myself to nurse my hangover and generally do very little else.
One actual productive point of Saturday was going sofa-shopping. Sure, I’ve bought a sofa before, but never actually gone shopping for one; walking around, comparing size, covering, comfort, colour etc. And we’ve finally settled on one which should be delivered while I’m in Germany. So, we’re ready for the house-warming party in July!
Sunday was spent shopping in Basingstoke. Boring, but necessary as we had to pick up the last few things before we leave for Egypt on Saturday.
Tonight I leave for Eindhoven, back on Wednesday night.
On an unrelated note, I found the following quote by the director of “All in the game”, a new football based movie starring Ray Winstone:
“People don’t want to sell their soul, but they’re prepared to lease it out, put it on a mortgage. They hope to get it back, but it doesn’t work like that.”

Sorry, no trip-tastic nod to Thompson or Depp, and we’re certainly not snorting meths while road-tripping from Aldershot to Woking. No, sadly I mean the title quite literally. I loath waiting for the results of my credit check for the new flat and I fear that the reason it’s taken 72 hours so far, instead of the 48 hours we were promised, is that we’re going to fail with flying colours.
I’m really quite nervous and anxious. I’m not sure if I want to be put out of my misery and get it over with so I can decide on alternative measures, or if I want it to drag out in the hope it means that everything will be okay. In theory we could be signing a contract tomorrow. In practice, however, we’re no better off than we were before we started looking, other than a faint glimmer of hope.
“Hope deceives more men than cunning does.”, Vauvenargues, 1746

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