Somewhat sick and quite funny. Hoax site or comedic art? The jury’s out, but here’s the blurb:

Welcome to By Accident, a new concept that gives you the chance to receive the attention you deserve. We deliver customized accidents such as rape, assault and past traumatic experiences. All personally tailored to suit your special needs.

When you start changing your past and creating a more unique and interesting life story you should assume the accident has already happened. The services we provide are to help you achieve the realistic behavior and the physical signs that fit the accident of your dreams. Usually we also make sure you return to your surroundings in a spectacular and dramatic way.

So why arrange an accident?
It is often said that the past controls our lives but what happens when you control your past? Your environment is evaluating you based your experiences so why not change the material you are judged by?
There’s a reason for everything, no matter what we do it can be explained by previous circumstances.
We applaud people who fight against a difficult past and we can forgive almost everything if there is a psychological explanation.

Imagine the way people would listen to you if you had been the victim of an assault. Imagine how they would admire you if you had survived it and came out even stronger. Ask yourself who the real heroes in our society are. One thing is to be strong and beautiful but to be the survivor of a traumatic incident and have a life is a real accomplishment.

We change your life with experiences that will make the people around you care and respect you.

Our highly skilled staff provides you with the physical evidence of your personally tailored experience but we also help creating your psychological background.

We understand that changing your life is a great decision and stand by your side all the way to give you the support you need. You will feel truly confident when you go out and tell about your dramatic past.