Right, that worked, so first an update of the last week that I have missed blogging.


Tuesday was my last day in the office for some time, just as I was getting used to getting up late, having lunch at home and being home before The Simpsons starts. All things change, especially in the world of conslutancy.


What a day. First day at the client site, various work-based pressures and some of the worst cigarette cravings since I gave up. I nearly cracked on numerous occasions. But the highlight of the day was meeting up with everyone after work, first in St Stephen’s Tavern in Westminster, and then at the Tattershall Castle. Ostensibly, as far as Kev was concerned, this was just a general meet-up drink, but was actually to present him with his 30th birthday present. It was given early so he could actually book his appointment to fling himself out of a plane as close to his birthday as possible. I have visions of Kev being securely fastened to a fat man, hurtling to the ground! There may or may not be a parachute involved, but it still sounds terrifying!

Spent the night on Andy’s sofa, which meant for a reduced journey time in the morning and more sleep despite the late hour of ‘lights-out’.


Nothing major to report, ended the day back in Aldershot having a nice Thai meal in Aldershot. Both pleased and horrified to find the staff there recognised us from previous visits. We have become… regulars.


Pay day! Yay! Long awaited and much enjoyed. Penny’s day was mostly spent putting her belongings into storage, in preparation of her moving to her sister’s for the next 6 months or so. In the evening she was due to go to a leaving do in Fleet so, after pitifully whining, I managed to convince Linsey and Kev to join me for a drink or two. That was a good evening, starting off at the Tattershall Castle (fast becoming first choice in meeting-up places), then the Walkabout on Embankment and finally finishing at Pizza Express on the Strand. I nearly missed my train at the end of the evening, but just made it back in time.


Ah, shopping! Not a lot of shopping admittedly, and somewhat geeky. Picked up the ‘horror’ boardgame _______ (too sleepy, can’t remember now, need more coffee) which I’ve got a few things planned for. I’ve actually got a Global Frequency/Lethe scenario planned for the boardgame. I also picked up part 3 of Warren Ellis’ ‘Desolation Jones’. Still enjoying it, but it was the weakest so far. Three pages of the book were actually plot or plot-related background. The rest in it’s entirety, was about stuff Warren had learnt about the hardcore porn industry.


The plan was to go to Farnham for breakfast. Since we’d just missed the train, we decided to take the next available train, which took us to London. Since we were there we had brunch there, and then popped over to the Tate Modern, where Penny could have another look at the work of Anselm Kiefer, particularly the work ‘Lillith’. TM is due for a major rehanging and 40% of the pieces are due to be removed from the display.

The evening was spent with me trying to resurrect Endless Games. Unsuccessfully. I’ll take another stab at it this evening, even if it means recreating the database entries by hand.

Well, that’s it for now. Let’s see what a new day and a new week brings!

Well work is getting busier and busier. Tomorrow I won’t be in the office at all, off to a client site. I’m glad it’s getting busier, there’s nothing worse than inactivity.

Well, I finally managed to install . It was a lot less scary than it could have been once I’d done some background reading. I’m sure it shouldn’t have been that scary in the first place though, and I shouldn’t have had to do any background reading to install it. While installing an operating system is hardly a day-to-day activity and certainly not having two co-exist on the same machine, we are often told these days that Linux is ready for the end user and it’s not as techy as it used to be. Rubbish. Sure, I could trust the suggestions of the installation program (they were pretty much correct), but then why did I need to make all the decisions? An normal computer user will not understand what it means when the boot sector is on hda1 and root is installed on sda1 which will be repartitioned and formatted with the ReiserFS file system. Eh? Like I said, it all worked smoothly, but I was confronted with a lot of technical questions, and I’m supposed to reasonably technical.

On use Linux was quite pleasant and intuitive. I decided to opt for GNOME rather than KDE as a desktop thingy, mainly because I’ve read it can auto-mount USB drives, which I use quite heavily. One frustration is that I’m going to have to download codecs to view most movies and listen to most of my music. For various copyright reasons they were not included with the OS which I find quite annoying. I want it all to work out of the box. It manages to come with an adequate office package (I would describe 2 as excellent, if it weren’t for that immense let-down, the database is ships with), half a dozen MP3 players, but if you want to listen to a WMA or watch an MPEG you have to go online.

I watched the directors cut of the other day and I really enjoyed it. I’ve not seen the theatrical release of ‘s epic, but I’ve been informed the directors cut is much better. Alexander got panned in reviews when it came out in cinemas. Empire Magazine’s review was one of the more balanced. It gave it 4 stars and described it thus: “Unwieldy and flawed, but Stone remains a tornado in an era of airless formula and — to paraphrase our Ptolemy — its failings are greater than most films’ successes.”
Interestingly, they only gave the director’s cut 3 stars, saying it was cut down and more audience friendly than the more cumbersome theatrical version. I can’t comment on that, but I did enjoy the directors cut. The characterisation was good in my opinion. Some judged it hammy and overacted, but these are strong, epic even mythical characters. Sure, the plot jumped between the campaigns of Alexander to his youth all the time, but it was well timed to show where his decisions came from and what his influences were. Some say the battle scenes were too messy, bloody, violent and horrific. Yes they were. It was war in simple, bloody, vicious times. Fans of the battles of will be appalled. I thought it was great, depicting clearly that there was no glory in his conquests, just blood.

And yet, is still my film of the year.

Well, I managed to upload the pictures discussed in the last post to my account (link in the sidebar) and add the correct links to the last blog post. What I didn’t manage to do was install .

Firstly the bloody defrag of the drives took ages, and then I dithered around a bit because I wanted to make sure the repartition settings were correct. That bit of the install is a bit nerve-wracking, as if I get it wrong I’ll end up wiping my existing XP install and, even worse, all my documents. I may give it another go this evening once I’ve done a bit more reading around the topic. It’s all a bit daunting, I’ve only every done complete installs of operating systems where there was no risk associated.

Not to mention the really stupid auto-signature. I know POP won’t work, but if this posts, SMTP works fine.

Edit: Yar! Thunderbird rocks! Still can’t read any non-work email, but at least it makes blogging easier. I also use Thunderbird for my RSS feeds, addressbook and calendar (via the mozilla calendar extension). Cooking on gas…

Considering I’m in the process of changing jobs and still need to do some clothes shopping so I actually look presentable in a proper business environment, the last thing I need to do is spend money on something frivolous that I don’t need.

Like this 1Gb MP3 player for £50.

Whoops! Too late!
Well, it is pay day after all…