The Ferret has already touched on the house warming, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to thank people for helping warm the house. Much food was consumed, drinks drank and nobody mocked the paint work too much. 

And you know it’s a good party when people are insulted that they weren’t invited, so that’s a resounding success all round!

Update: Photos here. Though if you have access to Facebook, I recommend Vinnie’s photos.

Sundown at Woking Station

Sometimes you just have to get lucky, and I certainly did with this picture. On my way to part of my birthday celebrations, a beautiful sunset and actually having the camera to hand all came together to make this lovely view of the much- (and rightly-) derided Woking Station and Centrium.

The Weekend

Well, the Ferret beat me to a sum-up of and did a far more detailed job of it than I would have done. I will, however, add that the vodka was an excellent Russian vodka called Stolichnaya, or to it’s friends. The weekend neither followed the original plan (beer festival) nor the backup plan (easy Friday night, pub crawl Saturday, hangover Sunday), but still very much enjoyable, perhaps partly due to the unplanned nature of it all. I still want to do a major pub crawl of Woking though, so people can expect to have me muttering about that at some point.

I’ve enjoyed watching the first Season of Doctor Who. It certainly had it’s weak episodes as well as it’s fun ones, so it’s worth continuing to watch, though not fanatically.

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

As you can , I’ve been messing around with Google Docs recently, formerly Writely and Google Spreadsheet, now combined. The docs part works nicely, especially now that it supports Beta Blogger, though I still wish they’d have more link options, like supporting tagged links. Spreadsheet though, despite having a great many functions was always missing thinks like charts and retrieving information from web pages. And so I was tempted to move back to .

Imagine then my surprise when it was announced that . In other words, Google hired the developers rather than buying the solution. I can only hope that this means that some of IRows features will migrate to Google Spreadsheet as they’re sorely lacking. Current Irows users are basically being told to export their docs as Excel spreadsheets (including charts) and upload them to Google Docs (without charts). That’s going to put some noses out of joint…

This from the comments of local residents: “There are a lot of vulnerable people in society who like to indulge in
sexual fantasies. They can go on to become dangerous people.”

Let that be a warning to you! You morally debased sexual fantasisers! You should all be made to wear signs around your neck, stating that you have indulged in sexual fantasy and could, at any moment, become dangerous!

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you for reading.

Sorry, no trip-tastic nod to Thompson or Depp, and we’re certainly not snorting meths while road-tripping from Aldershot to Woking. No, sadly I mean the title quite literally. I loath waiting for the results of my credit check for the new flat and I fear that the reason it’s taken 72 hours so far, instead of the 48 hours we were promised, is that we’re going to fail with flying colours.
I’m really quite nervous and anxious. I’m not sure if I want to be put out of my misery and get it over with so I can decide on alternative measures, or if I want it to drag out in the hope it means that everything will be okay. In theory we could be signing a contract tomorrow. In practice, however, we’re no better off than we were before we started looking, other than a faint glimmer of hope.
“Hope deceives more men than cunning does.”, Vauvenargues, 1746